Dancing & The Meaning of Life

The last time I danced on (Yes there has been more than one occasion.) a table, it was our coffee table. It was my birthday and my children had really been feeling the vibe. I have photos to prove it. Yeah family, be nice to me or you know which photos I will be sharing at your weddings. My daughter in particular had embraced the vibe, donning the plastic sheet, which purported to be a car mat. I note that neither of them had climbed up on the coffee table with me. I should add here that they were toddlers.

When their father and I had started dancing at a party, as we had gone to pick them up when they were older, they had left that party so fast, that even they, had not seen themselves flee.

I was reminded of my table dancing days by the video for the song,

What is Life?” by George Harrison.


Her awkward dancing (Even if she, unlike me, is merely pretending when she wobbles on one leg.) at the start of the video – well let’s just say I recognise it. I might wobble but as in my life, I wobble with style.

My daughter tells me   I dance like a combination of these characters on Orphan Black.



“We should consider every day lost, on which we have not danced at least once.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

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