Switching Identities

Personality Swap

Every friendship or relationship we are in, impacts us in some way. Hopefully we are able to learn and grow. However this can, as I learned to my cost, deteriorate into something darker.

One of the most chilling examples of this is Hedra in the film Single White Female.

From watching videos and studying the subject, I believe these characters often enter our lives, when we are in a weakened state. In this clip of Single White Female, Hedra ( the toxic flatmate) shows up, just as Alison is crying over a broken relationship.

I watched this film when it first came out but have only begun to really understand it now, after my  experiences over the last few decades, with toxic people. Hedra over time transforms herself into Alison, even eventually adopting Alison’s haircut and red hair.

I think I have a bit of an advantage having had a grandmother with red hair but not having to put up with the kind of nonsense she had to as a child over her red hair.

However I think my grandmother left me just enough fiery red head in my genes to be able to use it when necessary.

Sadly the most famous red haired individual in the bible, Esau sold his legacy for a bowl of soup. Still if Esau and Jacob had learned to work together I am sure life would have been a little easier for both of them.

I watched this happen in my own life. Many of us eventually realise when we fall in love with a toxic person, that we have been tricked into falling in love with ourselves.

-Source:Movie Clips