Cold As Ice

My ex excitedly told my youngsters how much the price of my property  had increased the other day. They of course naively could see no harm in what he has been doing. He is clearly the same relentless being he has always been.

They Are Relentless like the Borg

Honest Trailers – Star Trek Next Generation I can talk nerd till the Borg implode. Personally I would stuff up their circuits with Vogon poetry,

Vogon Poetry

There is absolutely nothing which I can do. What can I  say? My ex has set the world and his wife on me, over the years.  Right now he has finally achieved one of his goals. 

However if non-toxic people are also united for a common cause, they too can become Unstoppable – Sia

If I know him, he has been sitting there night after night trying to work out, how to increase his retirement assets and he has calculated that somehow getting back with me, would double his retirement funds.


Especially now that our youngsters are virtually independent. I remember I used to dream of it just being the two of us again one day, but never again am I going on that  particular annoying rollercoaster again. I have only ever been on one real life rollercoaster ride. Unfortunately my friend was too sensible to even consider I might be worth writing to. My friend had endured me whinging about this at every post office visit. I wrote to him immediately I thought he might be in trouble. He made me feel crazy and stupid for opening up. So I have left him to his thoroughly sensible life. We went to see so many Movies together, I have never betrayed one of my sisters. I never will.

Dr Robin Smith On Dangerous Narcissists

United We Stand Divided We Fall – Brotherhood of Man

Source: Julie Oliverio


He was always laying the groundwork to be able to claim that he had had some dreadful lapse and he wanted our life back. He has never stopped stalking me, deliberately pushing my son’s buttons, trying to isolate me from friends and family etc, etc,


There is one thing he has never understood about me. To be honest I never really understood it about myself, until I discovered I was an INFJ. When I am finally done with somebody, I have already ticked all the boxes,.When I am done with you, after years of agonizingly looking for the good, it is like a switch has been turned off in my brain and I become ice cold. My empathy dims considerably once I have been betrayed.

He even threatened to put them in care one time and yet he has the audacity to claim he is a father who has been denied access. I worked hard to try to keep that connection with his children. going,

Does he even care what he did to his children?

I am sorry you are depressed…


Red Rubber Ball – The Seekers.

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