Why We Should Tackle Abuse Right Now In The Midst of a Crisis

Why go on about my life, when we are poised on the brink of war?

Hear me out here. Maybe just maybe, events are more connected than we realize. My dear friend used to talk of ripples in a pond. Maybe a country fixing it’s abuse problems, might help the whole world in some small way, move towards peace.

I remember the first thing I did when my children were both heartbroken, was to buy them both a blanket. Some days my son will still walk around with his blanket draped around him. Mind you it could also be to do with my attempts to produce a UK climate using air conditioning, through an Australian Summer.

I made a decision to ignore the bigger issues and just attempt to bring a little comfort.This is often all I feel we can really do when dealing with narcissistic abuse, as the vast majority of counsellors just don’t get it and frequently only make matters worse.

Maybe seriously tackling abuse in our countries, might just be the sort of act of repentance God needs to see right now.


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