If there is one thing I have a bad track record for forgiving, it is treachery. I am as I say, a work in progress. Treachery seems to be a bit of a theme worldwide at the moment.

When you have been in a narcissistically abusive situation, you get kinda used to treachery. You learn to just shrug your shoulders and say,

“Well there’s God, just showing me another one.”

In my case I have often just sat back and watched, knowing that they could not be trusted and just observing to see what they would actually get up to. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t sadden you. Usually with me, once you have betrayed me, that is it

I was once informed of a school friend, who was sending me his love some thirty years later. I had just about spat out my response, believing he had said something awful about me, when we were still both teenagers.

It had taken a friend saying:

“Did it ever occur to you that he didn’t really say it?”

for me to feel able to respond.

I do know that the friend who had told me what had been said was somebody I had known since infant school, who had let me play with his Monopoly, so I should probably have stuck with believing him over the relative newcomer.

Yes, I really do need to work on forgiveness

I am pretty good at forgiving young people.

I always wonder about Judas. I realise now, when Jesus cried out in anguish from the cross,

“Father forgive them. They know not what they do.”

“Them” refers to a large number of treacherous individuals, not least of which was Judas himself.

Traitors used to get short shrift in WW2. My grandfather once told me of somebody they had helped report, who was using a flashlight to signal to German bombers during air raids.

Yes even in the UK,  during one of the worst conflicts the world has ever known, there were those willing to betray their neighbours.

By the way my grandfather bore no personal animosity towards the Germans, to the extent he befriended a couple of German POWs following WW2– but treachery, like deliberately using a flashlight to signal to German bombers, was something else…

Yesterday I realised that once again, “The wheat was being sorted from the chaff.” We are being shown those,  whose only loyalty is to power and glory.

Talking of chaff I know of somebody half of whose classmates had come down With AIDS but as usual like McCavity they had managed to come away unscathed. Apparently some guy, as it was related to me had knowingly infected them. I wonder what was going through his head.

I do wonder whether somebody had used him. I heard that more than a few of them died,

Source: Mike Squid

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