Planet Earth

It’s all new to my youngsters but growing up when I did, the prospect of nuclear annihilation was kind of our comfort zone.

Planet Earth -Duran Duran Links to be corrected.

On Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy They seemed to anticipate the planet being destroyed. They were building a second planet Zaphod Beeblebrox mentions he would an award for Norway.

The Neutron Dance

Ok I am coming clean here, I always had a bit of a crush on Roger Taylor. For most people it was Simon Lebon. Roger Taylor was always in the background head down over his guitar. 🎸 Perhaps that’s why I liked him. I see even today he is pretty low key. I saw him doing Desert Island Discs, A British institution.

Yes guys the people rioting etc were likely your grandparents or maybe even great grandparents

My parents had a Lambretta scooter at one stage I believe but they told me they were never Mods. (Mods famously rode on Lambrettas.) I regularly raided my parents record collection. One of my favourites was Something’s Gotten Hold of My Heart ❤ I just loved the passion in Gene Pitney’s voice.

Mods & Rockers

Produced by The BBC

Source: Tuning For Speed

Source:Duran Duran