Wandavision & Trauma

My daughter has been trying to get me into Marvel movies for some time. The whole super hero thing has never really appealed to me. I enjoyed Wonder Woman, even though my memories were still  of Linda Carter, waving her bracelets around, to a somewhat corny theme song.

I think Wonder Woman is a Marvel Movie.( I stand corrected, I have been contacted and told of my dreadful faux pas)I found the new films surprisingly deep and touching. It is DC/Warner Brothers apparently.

Well, I actually sat down and watched Wandavision, She(My daughter) had selected what she considered to be the most tame  Marvel movie, reassuring me that it was not simply “just full of violence.”I had to be persuaded somewhat. This is where it is useful having a youngster around to explain things to you.

Initially it seemed Wanda was living on the set of I Love Lucy. The whole 1950s  era does not thrill me, particularly as various people seem intent on dragging us back there, but nonetheless I ignored the”canned laughter”, which turned out to be an actual live studio audience. With my daughter quietly explaining events, I endured the 1950s and gradually I began to connect with the story. (My daughter, I later discovered, was using Wandavision as a gateway drug to  get me to watch the whole Marvel franchise with her.)

1950s Wanda



Anyway as the episodes progressed, I realised I had started crying. Wanda was, I eventually discerned, a traumatized individual. She had trapped people in her own safe little world, depriving them of their own choices and freedoms.

Oh boy could I identify with that one, having spent two decades in somebody else’s fantasy. I also had to admit I had created a bit of a cocoon around myself and the children too, in order to deal with our own experiences of trauma and abuse and keep us safe from his violence. If I could have whisked them away to some safe little world until adulthood, I would no doubt have done so.

At some point (as in the tv show) however, life does have to go from black and white into full glorious Technicolor. I was just putting a tentative foot back into Technicolor world when Covid hit.

I have been pretty angry, like Wanda too. In my case I was angry at those who fell and continue to fall for his

and have thus made my life impossibly difficult, who listened and still contiue to listen to his sob stories, who painted me as a dreadful mother. (I aspire to be a good-enough mother.)Wherever I have turned for help, he has followed, muddying the waters.


Muddy Waters I’m A Man Such a relief when they both hit 21 Unfortunately my ex still managed to wield power over me as I was concerned for my 🧒 youngsters to finish their education.

Divorcing A Narcissist and Muddy Waters


As for Agatha Harkness... I have had to deal with way too many of those: evil meddlers, who think they have all the answers. Yes you can argue Agatha turns out to have a point (and she does help draw Wanda out from her unhealthy little hidey hole) but it is people like her,

“A goodly villain with a smiling cheek” (from Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice)

who have often helped create traumatized people like Wanda in the first place.

Sources: MarvelMusicVEVO https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCP55DP1xXupgE8nm2mZG6MQ


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