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Oh Canada

My father had more living relatives  in Canada than in the UK. One of his relatives was a stretcher bearer at Vimy Ridge, where he had died bearing injured to a first aid post. Another of his uncles had also  fought at Vimy Ridge.

Vimy Ridge

He had a cousin who had died slowly as a result of injuries sustained while building the railway in Saskatchewan. I was in regular contact with his granddaughter at one point. She had shared family tree information with me, which had actually contained the name of me, my ex and my son. This was a bit  freaky…

I have American cousins too, The daughter of my Dad’s Great Uncle was a GI bride. I found her. I heard from her son. Unfortunately she died before I could hear from her directly, I had heard a lot about her over the years via my aunts and uncles.

I always liked Canadians.The guy who called me a Strange Little Girl moved to Canada.

Source: Cyranny’s Cove,  https://cyranny.com/2022/01/29/oh-canada-2/

We visited the Supreme Court in Canada. From memory the highest Canadian court had actually been in The UK and the Supreme Court was relatively new at that time. I remember being quite shocked when we were told. Well Wikipedia disagrees with me. Please feel free to investigate and get back to me. I either have a dodgy memory, hearing difficulties or history is being rewritten before our eyes.

Did I hear you correctly?

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I have located this which actually mentions Britain. https://www.fct-cf.gc.ca/en/pages/about-the-court/history It is talking about the Federal Court of Canada

If we are erasing history, I have several periods of my life I would like to erase. If everyone wants to live in Lala Land, I can go for that.My dates all went like this:A Lovely  Night. 😂 I went to see Lala Land with my daughter. We had a lovely time. 

Hey this women’s got the idea:

The Day You Were Born. SNL

Oh and this was my experience of being an immigrant(See Below)

Source: Saturday  Night Live


Wilkommen Joel Grey & Alan Cumming

I should have realised when I first encountered the Embassy:

It was the first time I had ever encountered an automated phone service:The Pain of IVRs & Phone Bots.

Phone Service:1 Me:0


Crisis Hotline:Veteran’s Press 1

I just found this. Please keep going. I know the pain of PTSD but I also know you matter. Hold on.You can message me and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I know it feels like you are living in a fog isolated from everything and everybody. I get triggered by the weirdest things. The sound of an iPhone ringing can set me off for example.

Source:HBO Docs https://youtu.be/jSxt1GNQX-c

I was told that the trouble was we had stored these memories in the present. It helps me to put them behind an imaginary wall. I once lost it over men’s coveralls, which I associated with a company with which my ex used to do business. The counsellor had to calm me down. You need the right counsellor.

I experimented with self-administered EMDR. For me I found it took the edge off, I realise this may not be suitable for everyone but it helped me. Self-administered EMDR. Discontinue if you suspect any negative effects. I find I only need it when things are really bad. There are qualified EMDR Therapists.Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing- EMDR For PTSD

Source: Veteran’s Health Administration https://youtube.com/c/VeteransHealthAdmin

How EMDR Works

Source: Ven EMDR https://youtube.com/user/VENemdr

By the way guys when it comes to narcissistic bullies,maybe it wouldn’t hurt for you to feel a little bit triggereď.

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