Here is what Princess Diana shared with Jenny Bond just before her death about Prince Charles and Camilla.

I found this interview out of place. Rather a strange way to talk on the morning of her death.

Jenny Bond’s description of a conversation with Princess Diana just before her death, gives real insight about how she felt about her ex husband’s relationship.

Source: Chris Ogilvie

Cheats Never Prosper (From Goldfinger)

Source: James Bond 007

I loved Kate Middleton’s gorgeous golden dress from the permiere of No Time To Die. Never has she looked more beautiful. Kate like her dead mother in law seems to use her clothes to communicate.

As I remember it, somewhat surprisingly, Princess Diana had already been embalmed immediately after her death. I suspect the only reason the monarchy survived the death of Diana was the Queen’s own deep relationship with God!

No Time To Die – Opening Credits

In honour of Princess Diana,by as I understand it, her favourite band A View To A Kill – Duran Duran

The Spy Who Loved Me -Carly Simon

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