Reading through comments sections I realise I am being left behind by the world. I am one sad little figure left uttering “Diana.”

I am not somebody who just “moves on.”In my own family I took the side of the wronged wife against everybody else. She is still in touch with me today. Her replacement by the way, has long since disappeared.

It is not like British people to display such a huge outpouring of grief as we did at the death of Diana. My own father told me people were just standing around crying: very unBritish. This is the only time I ever remember the country collectively losing its British “stiff upper lip.” I don’t think we did it through two world wars.

I always struggled with the “stiff-upper-lip” thing. Perhaps this is because I also have some French ancestry. I was a bit relieved to see British people finally show their soft underbelly. However there seems to have been some sort of collective embarrassment ever since, that we Brits actually showed feelings. We then had to backpedal and start trying to cast Diana in a new light. No she was not a saint. She never claimed to be…

I love my Queen with all my heart. I have felt so upset for her as she comes to terms with the loss of her husband. I have personally seen her twice but I am deeply dismayed that seventy years of dutiful service has not just been celebrated, without mention of one of the most controversial situations in her entire reign – the affair of Camilla and Charles then the subsequent death of Princess Diana.

It is none of my business whom Charles chooses as a wife. I wish them a long and successful marriage. However becoming Queen is quite another matter. That is my business. Right now I am disappointed with everybody who uses the phrase “Move on.” We the Brits should not be ashamed of our mass outpouring of grief. We should instead be marvelling at the woman who caused our stiff upper lip to quiver- Princess Diana.

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