Bad Day

Well I did it. I have thrown myself into the shark-ridden dating pool. I had a lovely week pretending the guy I was talking to, was not going to muck me around. I had really enjoyed having a male to chat to. He had liked to ring and chat most evenings. Yes there was a bit of a red flag waving but last week I just decided to suspend reality for a while and roll with it. I mean it has been exceptionally cold. I wanted to snuggle. Not the best reason to look for a man. I had a lovely week. We chatted most nights.He mentioned the L word. I recoiled and made light of it. I must admit for me it was the begining of the end. I thought this is so classically toxic. My head kept screaming future faking, love bombing etc but as I say I had decided to suspend reality for a week.

Well after a third failure to meet up, yesterday I called it a day.When I had been let down for the second time, I had decided to catch up with another guy. He was quite sweet and we are catching up again. We have much more in common. He responds to my messages readily but today I am sad. I can tell the second relationship is healthier but I am not quite used to healthy yet…

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