Paper Chase

I think it always surprises people that I have a good legal brain. I would go up to London to sit and watch the courts sometimes.

Having my life thrown into turmoil reminded me of my original dreams to become a lawyer. When I went for one interview to go to study Law many years ago, the professor had actually rung my headmaster to compliment me but I screwed things up.

I started my legal studies again a few years ago but everything just got caught up in trying to get through day to day. I developed a sudden passion for the Australian Constitution. Unfortunately the original document had not referred to indigenous people as human beings. This had to be corrected by a referendum in 1967. Australia was one of the first countries to give women the vote.

Growing up I had loved the show Paperchase. It is interesting to see how Professor Kingsfield challenged one of his smartest students.

Sources: Brandon Martin

Parliament of Australia

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