Do Not Judge A Book By Its Cover

Fairy tales tend to get a bad rap. However I think there is much to be learned from these historical relics. For me one of the big lessons was, you never know who you are dealing with, so try to treat everybody with respect. 

We once applied to attend one of the Queen’s garden parties. Did we get accepted?

“Well no.”

However we were invited instead to sit in The Royal Box at Ascot. I have to say it bore out much of what I was taught as a child,

“People with real class, do not look down on others.”

I remember some beautiful elderly lady and when I say lady, I mean Lady (with a capital L) chatting to us at length

The Lady’s Tale {Magical Music Box}

. In retrospect I had encountered less snobbishness from aristocrats, than I had from people, who drove 4WDs to the local preschool.

The first time I visited Harrod’s I was initially  intimidated. Then I remembered my cousin. My cousin is very well-off, yet he has always been unpretentious. Indeed he even has a penchant for home-made wine. (Or as we used to refer to it”rocket fuel”.) I recall Prince Harry once being criticized for daring to have a hole in his shoe. (I loved him for it.) My cousin was not averse to the occasional hole in his outfit either. Let’ also not forget annoying, scruffy young men who you discover decades later probably have titles.

Source:Harper’s Bazaar

I had thus stopped being intimidated by Harrods and other expensive stores. It is a foolish sales assistant, who mistakes dressing down for a lack of money. Dad had once told us that you could buy anything in Harrods.The Top 15 Most Expensive Things Sold At Harrods- Video by Dixie Letellier

Source: Sabrina

As a genealogist I have also been astonished by the people from “ordinary” backgrounds who turn out to have extraordinary roots

Back to the fairy tales. I used to love the ones, where the poor woman knocked on people’s doors begging for a cup of soup, only to be turned away by people with disgust. She then later reappears revealing her true identity.

I used to love Jean Plaidy novels. I read all about Queen Victoria and the young Queen Elizabeth 1st. I remember her governess Kat and how happy and carefree she had seemed during her days at Hatfield House, when she had largely been ignored.

See slso:

Ann Landers

Class never tries to build itself up by tearing others down. Class is already up and need not strive to look better by making others look worse.     


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