Ayers Rock February 1992

I had decided not to climb Ayers Rock. Most climbs I have made have not ended well... Remember Greece…

I had instead decided to walk around the base, There was plenty of shade. Happily. I had not bumped into any poisonous creatures on this tour, despite the area’s ominous reputation..

We had visited sites such as the interestingly named Conception Cave and then it was back to Yulara to pick up the bus for Alice. (Alice Springs)

Well of course I had left my orange juice behind in the hostel fridge. Told the coach driver I was hopping off to get it only to turn round and see the coach drive off into the distance….

Yeah I know this was not the first time that this had happened to one or both of us. Note to self: Never stray too far from coach seat when travelling.

My friend had exclaimed that they were leaving me behind. Well that was what she told me anyway. She is still my dearest friend but there is a small part of me that wonders whether she had encouraged the driver to put his foot on the accelerator! He had told her that he was coming back for me anyway.

Fortunately he had indeed returned some time later.

Some five or six hours following this misadventure,(I was once more ensconced on the bus.)we had passed through Erldunda, where we had seen many indigenous Australians. There was nearly trouble, as a fellow traveler had appeared to point a camera in their direction, while taking a scenic shot. We were told by our driver that it was not unknown for them to pull knives on such occasions. Things had not escalated beyond shouting in this instance.

Some  indigenous people believe taking their photos is akin to stealing their soul.

A Video of The Trip between Erldunda and Ayers Rock

Source: Robby N Jones https://www.youtube.com/user/rredbeak

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