A Change Of Diet

The information in front of us these days, is like some well-prepared table laden with exotic delicacies. Back when I growing up, it was common for us ( Yes I am talking about we, English.) to head overseas and refuse to eat anything which wasn’t garnished with chips. More recently despite resorting to just such a chip-laden diet in Bali myself, I contracted a serious bout of food poisoning. My friend whose diet had been more adventurous, had been absolutely fine.

Anywho (Yes I still like my new word.) today I consumed an exceptionally varied media diet. My normally trustworthy news sources have been putting out some questionable material lately, so I thought,

“What the heck!”

My youngsters have introduced me to some of their news sources. I have had an entertaining morning.  I have been able to get some of my news directly from the actual people themselves. I often check out a selection of pieces from a particular journalist to ascertain their trustworthiness.

I even check my own reliability. I read back through my own writing over time with a critical eye too and yes sometimes I cringe. Hopefully I have grown. To be honest it is clear to me the people who do not look back and question previous beliefs. I am all for consistency but I look for consistency in the standard of reporting, not a determination to never question  material and biases.

Sticking to the same familiar information source devoutly, is almost like me clinging to slight variations on my usual diet in Bali. It was boring and I still got sick.

Even if I do it through gritted teeth occasionally, I like to hear what most people have to say and every now and again, I learn something.