AC/DC I Love You

I think today is an AC/DC kind of day. I surprised myself by preferring the modern version of “Whole Lotta Rosie.” Normally I prefer Bon Scott’s voice. I just love him singing “Touch Too much.”

I am sad that it seems unlikely there will be further AC/DC concerts. I have been to three. Nothing lifts my mood like some high-decibel AC/DC. Turns out I was wrong. 😃

For Those About To Rock(We Salute You) Donnington 1991

Now that’s my kind of Anglo-Australian co-operation.

Source: AC/DC

When we went away with my ex husband’s company, people at social events would look on in amazement, as our at-the-time very young children would start headbanging. I am quite used to ringing in my ears. Only I seem to be getting it for free lately. 😆

Whole Lotta Rosie – AC/DC I love this song but nowadays it would be considered fat-shaming. I just have a real soft spot for the name Rosie. “Oh I love my Rosie child.”

Cracklin’ Rosie – Neil Diamond

Some Very Special Australian diamonds

The Last Australian Pink Argyle Diamonds Go Up For Sale

Source; ABC News (Australia)

I had one very special little girl whose work I laminated and have always kept. Her best friend was also lovely. The two of them had withstood a lot of pressure,(not from their parents) to remain friends. One of them had been Sikh and the other Moslem.

Who can forget that other famous pink diamond, The Pink Panther My favourite scenes from The Pink Panther Movies happen because poor old inspector Dreyfus falls apart at the mere mention of Inspector Clouseau’s name:Inspector Dreyfus’ Blood Pressure Nothing seemed to upset that other Pink Panther:

My favourite pink panther was predictably a chocolate bar: 1970s Chocolate Bars With thanks to Geoff Cook for that delicious trip down memory Lane. (Some of the sweets back in those days could be bought for as little as one, two or five pence so my ten pence pocket money(later 20 pence) used to go a long way. I remember the day Dad took us in the sweet shop and told us we could have whatever we wanted. I did that once too and told the children they could have as many British chocolate bars and sweets they liked. One way of honouring my father.

This was a favourite treat at our new home: Any guy who tries to force me to choose between him & Chocolate will lose.The Winner Takes It All- AURORA

Aurora Borealis is the phenomena otherwise known as The Northern Lights- Renaissance

Memory Lane should be called Penny Lane

If nothing else I have taught our youngsters how to headbang.

In a world that at times, can seem totally fake, for me AC/DC just screams, “Cut the …”

Çhocolate & AC/DC what more could a girl want?

I have been to see AC/DC three times.


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