Sometimes You Are Allowed To Be Sad

Ecclesiastes 3 Verse 4

There is a time for everything:

    a time to weep and a time to laugh,
    a time to mourn and a time to dance,

We are allowed to feel sad right now. So many people are grieving.

I love Andymation. He has such a positive message for youngsters. (and some of we hapless adults) He encourages us to believe we can all animate, no matter our drawing ability. I also maintain he must have a remarkable mother, as she seems to have saved every Flipbook he has ever made. I have tried to be a mother like that. Through everything I have kept my youngsters artwork. My ex partner also had the foresight to get me into photographing their artwork. A couple of teachers had gently mocked me, when I had admitted to keeping virtually all our children’s artwork in one form or another.

Having digital copies is particularly great, as I have been able to print, laminate them and use them in our daily lives as placemats.

Anywho (I stole this word from Beautybeyondbones, who has a great blog by the way.) back to being sad.

Being sad and grieving is ok, especially at the moment.

Andymation expresses this well in his video:

Feeling Sad – Finding The Creative Zone

Source:Andymation: Canva

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