200 000 Dead Americans

One in every 351 New Yorkers has died of Covid-19.

Whilst lockdown is hard, these figures should remind us what it is all about.

Putting 200 000 Covid-19 Deaths in Perspective

Bernie Sanders here gives us his perspective on America’s struggle with Covid (among other things). I like that he does not dispute the  figures, just explains why the debt was necessary. For myself  I noticed things had started to improve for America, once the government had changed. Please cast your minds back to the pandemic days prior to the change of government to remind yourselves.

2020 Timeline: The Year of The Covid Pandemiç

Source: NBC https://youtube.com/c/NBCNews

America and most particularly New York, we are all thinking of you.

Source:NBC Newshttps://www.youtube.com/c/NBCNews

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