Keeping A Sense of Humour

If you remember one of my more controversial posts about our lockdown, I have been in lockdown on and off for months.

We are clearly losing it, as our national broadcaster has been making fun of our plight. I have to say I found it hilarious but have decided not to link to it, as it is overtly political. It actually helped me feel a little less isolated, despite the none- too-subtle way it poked fun at us pretty solidly, with quips about our coffee-drinking, education system and sports obsession. Queensland was reminded too, that we are the true home of the Australian Football League.

Whilst I am no fan of football, I do sympathise with those who are. What if the footballers like it too much and decide to stay there?

Apparently if we are still in lockdown on October 24th, we will have been in the longest lockdown in the world. So if my posts are showing a few cracks lately, it is a wonder I am still even vaguely lucid.

One of the ABC journalists has taken to dancing on Twitter.

Absolutely love her for it.

Humour is always the best medicine.

Maybe we should have a national weekly ‘Dance with Victoria to Yotha Yindi.

Source: Yotha Yindi

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