Locked Out

We are one of those “lucky” places, who has experienced a second lockdown.

I totally support the decision by the way but underneath the bravado, I suspect we all struggle at times.


Our lockdown is pretty strict. We have adjusted to curfew, one shopping trip a day per family and the opportunity for a daily walk. Adjusting to attitudes from those in other states, has been less easy and may indeed leave scars. Initially the level of vitriol directed our way, had been totally appalling. We had let down the team apparently.

Covid does not pick favourites. It just happened to be our turn to feel its ire. I suspect, that like me when I was desperately trying to deal with an abusive situation, Victoria is learning who our friends are.

I know from my own experiences, that you never forget those who fail you in your hour of need. I still smart at the mention of characters to whom I reached out, with my bruised limbs and aching heart, who failed me and the children, in life-endangering ways. You do not forget things like that. I suspect like me, Victoria may be much-changed when it finally feels accepted back into the THE CLUB.

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