In Hiding No More…

Just get over it and move on.

Generally my mental response to this is

Well yesterday everythings started getting a bit much, so all this rude and crude honesty started coming out from the dark pit where it is usually buried. All within my radius got a large, unhealthy dose of it. You would think I would lose everybody in my life. They are all still here. ❔

Oh wait maybe that’s down to lockdown and the associated curfew.

Instead I seem to have rekindled an old friendship, with my scathing honesty. I had fired off a fiery email about  her lack of communication. To my surprise I actually heard back from her.

My general

has not brought about quite the backlash I had anticipated.  Remember the whole lecture thing. Yesterday everybody else got a  video lecture and I was not acting. Today I escape the bathroom, where I have been hiding. (metaphorically most of the time)

To all you saintly , serene people out there,

“Thanks but no thanks.”

Bitch – Meredith Brooks

Source: Mickey- As -Himself

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