Rosie Vela takes me back to my college years.

In my view this song and much of her style in general has aged well, relative to many things from the eighties.

Rosie Vela – Magic Smile

It is my recollection that Donald Fagen helped Rosie Vela kick-start her career.

Rosie Vela – Zazu

Rosie Vela had a relatively with Jeff Lynn.

Watch “Jeff Lynne & Rosie Vela Interview” on YouTube

Source: gshnok

Watch “Rosie Vela – Interview Newcastle UK 1987” on YouTube

Rosie Vela had ended up being stranded in Barbados. Online appeals had been made to raise money in order to bring her home. I wonder whether Jeff Lynn had been involved in the efforts to bring her home as Rosie had been very ill.

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