Help Needed…

My Fiverr Gigs have taken me on an adventure. I have already dealt with the tragic death of a former slave.

Now I am embarked upon perhaps the most exciting gig, I am ever likely to encounter. I believe I am dealing with a descendent of somebody on the Mayflower. I feel a bit like ‘ole Humphrey Bogart. You know,

“Of all the gin joints (read Fiverr Gigs) in all the world, you walk into mine.”

This is an amazing privilege.

The job is technically completed but I cannot let it go. It is just soooo… incredible to communicate with somebody, who until now, had not realised his ancestors may have been at the very first Thanksgiving.

Already I have uncovered numerous connections with both the Civil War and The American Revolution.

I mean this is me. I know very little about American history. Yet I find myself steeped in the roots of the republic.

This is important and I feel a great responsibility to tell this story accurately. I have completed the paid gig but somehow I feel compelled to help, yet insufficiently qualified to charge.

Perhaps all of you would like to come with me on this exciting journey so that we might all be able to help him together.

If I have any followers  who have knowledge of early American history I would really welcome your input.

I am particularly investigating Nathan Rice, whose ancestry appears to go back to Edmund Rice, who was aboard The Mayflower and The Black Family who were revolutionaries and seem to have run plantations in Virginia.

Please either reach out here or via my contact form.

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