My Secret Past

Gee all the secrets are coming out now. This one is hard. Punk was most definitely my thing. Ironically it was my mother, who had introduced me to punk. She had worked at a local music venue for a while.

She had come home with tales of well-spoken, polite young people, who had safety pins, piercing their face. At the time she had been selling tickets to see The Stranglers. Unfortunately I had not had the opportunity to attend. The Stranglers had been considered a weird, fringe band, in those early days. It would have been fantastic, to have been able to admit to pogoing at one of those early concerts.

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Still we could hear it from our house.

I always thought I was a heavy metal fan but actually my style was more punk. Now the world has gone into meltdown, it is perhaps time for me to return to my punk roots.

I loved the fact that punk was angry, raw and real. Listening to Johnny Rotten speak these days, I realise punk music was surprisingly deep, as well as unpretentious.

Johnny Rotten had got himself banned for speaking the truth about Jimmy Saville, in the eighties. He is finally now getting some respect for it. Cancel culture is not new. Punk music and punk stars were being cancelled decades ago.

Then again, I don’t think I can afford the hairspray.

That was the thing about punk. It was a mass of contradictions, It had managed to appear full of refreshing working class passion and yet there was a decidedly intellectual, highbrow element to it.

I may even have worn the occasional bin bag and safety pin myself but again this is strictly between you and me…🤣

My current plan is to wait until I am totally grey and then dye my hair some outrageous colour. Having dark brown hair and not being prepared to bleach it, has limited my ability to shock in this respect – till now  that is…

A previous attempt to outrage, while I was at college, had led to disaster.  My vivid red hair had come out of a can. This was great until I had found myself in the company of a guy with a white jacket,  in torrential rain. His jacket had ended up making him appear to have done something terrible.Yet he had wanted to see me again??? Looking back now, I suspect he may have been trying to work out a way to get me to pay his dry cleaning bill.

Hammer Horror by Kate Bush

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