Political Music

Political songs have flowed through my veins since my teenage years. Perhaps the song which influenced my opinion the most was Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2.

I still love U2 even though I associate Joshua Tree, with a profoundly broken heart. Now I come to think of it, I do not believe I have ever had a relationship with a guy who was not into U2. (including my marriage) Probably because I have always been into guys, who have tended to be political.

One of the guys upon whom I had a major crush for years, has actually stood for Parliament since. We had totally opposing views by the way. I found his politics appalling. We were actually housemates for a couple of years.

In fact that was how we had first met at college. He had knocked on my door, trying to get my vote for something or other. The only thing we ever had in common, was the fact we had both loved The Beatles but for me at the time that was enough. Aha I think I might be having a revelation here.

Let’s Stick Together https://youtu.be/Z9EbR0ckb40

Source:U2 https://www.youtube.com/c/U2