Check The Facts

So many contradictions – I am a political animal, who dislikes politics and politicians. I have shared a house with a few political types over the years. I remember one guy in particular was an absolute pain. He had gone so far as to get himself elected onto the local council but he had left us to answer the constant stream of phone calls. Another fellow housemate has since stood for Parliament.

It has been suggested to me more than once to get into politics but I have usually responded with my belief that politicians may start off with good intentions, yet most seem to lose their way. Plus knowing how many times I have been wrong about things, I have no desire to encourage others to join me.

If I started anything it would be called the,

“Check All The Facts Party.”

So here on my little platform, can I just appeal to people, to please develop a healthy scepticism about the material which is out there? Today I went to a news source, with which I am usually fairly comfortable and could not believe the obvious political bias. I had then checked to ascertain who had written the article and was disappointed to see the name of somebody I know to be a political hack, who does not normally write for that particular news source. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find fair and balanced media.


I like to think I lean towards good music although some of you might consider me just another punk.Or of course you could always Blame It On The Boogie but I can assure you I am rock steady.Deep Purple Dreams – Donny & Marie Osmond

However it is beholden upon us to try. Lives and livelihoods depend on it. If ever I feel Torn the decision is easy I walk away from both. I know this is annoying but I know who I want.

Helping Students Identify Fake News with The 5 Cs of Critical Consuming.

Source:John Spencer

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