More Misadventures- Crete-May 1990

My ferry from Israel had stopped off at Crete, where I had decided to leave the boat.

Crete was so lovely and relaxed, compared to Israel. (I had been hassled everywhere I went in Israel.)Well it is The Middle East.

I had become quite adept at fending off men in Israel. A walkman was usually pretty effective. I had just pretended I couldn’t hear them. Unfortunately one guy had managed to trick me into removing my headphones at one point, so nothing was foolproof.

I had met an attractive blond english girl and an Austrian guy called H. Somehow I was persuaded to go to this place called Preveli with them. We were dropped off in the middle of nowhere, from where we had apparently hitched to the top of a cliff.

Source:Thaleia Girl

I can’t believe I hitched a ride. (Nobody tell my youngsters or my mother come to that)

From where I discovered to my horror, I had to hike down. I was only wearing a flimsy pair of sandals and had soon got into severe difficulties, much to the a amusement of some robust-looking Germans, who had stomped by me. I took a wrong turn and found myself looking down at water. I was petrified and had started screaming for help, while waving frantically at these hippies on the beach, who had ignored me and had carried on unconcerned with their business. Above my head however people could hear my screams and were apparently beginning to search for me. Still I had decided to take my chances with the water below.

There was no possibility I was going to struggle back up the cliff.

I headed down into the water beneath me, which was shallow.(much to my relief) I was then able to wade across to the beach, where I was handed some some bread and a clove of garlicy an Iranian hippy. Perhaps he was trying to warn me I would have to ward off vampires one day. My mum was also once given a clove of garlic to eat when she was unwell at work. I think they were Italians. She said she walked around with chronic garlic breath but no idea.

Dr Budweiser – Why You Should Swallow Raw Garlic.

I have never actually tried raw garlic before but I might give it a go. If it keeps away 🧛‍♂️ vampires too, that’s a bonus.

I used to grow garlic in my garden. It is helpful in companion planting, as well as tasty.

Source(s): Psych2G


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