January 1990 – Masada

The Saturday following our walk to the Gaza Strip we went on a kibbutz trip to see Masada. Masada is very important to Jewish people. It was a former Roman fortress built by King Herod, which was later taken over by a group of Jewish Zealots. They were beseiged by the Romans. They had held out for three years I believe. The Romans had eventually built a ramp to gain access but the night before the Romans had broken through, the Jews had committed suicide rather than be captured.

I just remember my own struggle to get up and down the rock opposite Masada. At the top the kibbutzniks had recounted the whole story in Hebrew. Occasionally somebody would relay the odd bit to us in English.

The sun had soon begun to get to me. By the time we had returned to the kibbutz, I had been feeling unwell, so I had not gone to collect work clothes. When I had gone to collect my work attire, there had been very little left. The trousers did not fit me, so I had come away, only with a rather garish shirt.

Source:Invicta https://www.youtube.com/c/InvictaHistory

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