Changi- Singapore May 5th 1992

Today was earmarked for our to Changi – the infamous WW2 prison. We had a free shuttle bus from The Meridian Hotel. The latter was fully air-conditioned and very comfortable.

We first visited the display of photographs, painstakingly snapped and developed by George Aspinall, during his “stay” at Changi. The prisoners had been forced to sign an oath that they would not attempt to escape. They had signed eventually after three days of hellish confinement under duress.

From there we caught bus no.2 to the museum and chapel at Changi prison itself. I found the chapel particularly touching and realised the men had used their last ounce of strength in its construction and decoration. After much publicity following the war, the painter of the Changi Murals had bern located. Two murals had been hidden under a layer of paint. He had been given the task of restoring the artwork.

From tourist pamphlet, stuck in my journal.

Also very touching was the way the men had struggled to produce gifts for the children suffering with them. One man had even written and produced a children’s book…

POWs in Changi Prison Camp

Source: AWM(Australian War Memorial) Collection

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