King of Anything

King of Anything

OK another confession. I know a king. I am sure that as long as you do the right thing, he is not The King of Pain.

I am quite sure he knows much more about me than I know about him. I am sure he knows already that my God-given priority in life is my youngsters. I do try not to pander to them too much.

I am a Little Old Lady these days. (My grandmother had a musical jug that played Little Old Lady.) I do still enjoy music with a bit of a Beat even in my old age. I think some people find that annoying.

In all the years I shared houses in the UK. I never had a guy try to assert power over me, till I met my ex. Most men I knew believed in the Power of Love,

I love lions,They are such beautiful, powerful creatures elephant’s pandas etc but I am not so keen on cougars.

Top 3 Cougar Facts National Geographic Wild

1 Corinthians 13 13



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