History of Gerry Rafferty and Paisley(In Scotland)

History of Gerry Rafferty & Paisley

A fellow blogger has reminded me how much I have always loved Gerry Rafferty. He was a remarkable talent for whom fame had appeared to be just an unfortunate side effect, in his eyes.

I remember laughingly singing along with Stuck in the Middle with a friend, who had also appeared not to be particularly enjoying a party. It was distinctly alternative. We had looked at each other and commented that was how we felt. – Stuck in the middle of some weird existential experience, Still the music was good, Whoever put on Love The One You’re With has a lot to answer for, even if in the short term it had made me feel much better. 😂 😂

Gerry Rafferty’s entire song catalogue can be found here.

Sources: Famous Fix

STV https://m.youtube.com/user/STVPeople

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      1. Have you seen this? Goes to show, being attacked continually by the press, may just have served to increase his popularity. They are now speculating on Twitter, that the worse the covid numberss, the more smartly he dresses. I haven’t tested this theory yet. Apart from the usual suspects, people seem to be appreciating his caring and calm leadership through these difficult times.

      2. What a fantastic article! That’s exactly how I feel. Despite everything, I feel safer living in Vic than if we were living in one of the so-called covid-free states. We will become covid-free too, eventually, but when we do, it’ll be because of good management & honesty rather than luck and spin.

      3. lol – this article triggered almost 3 hours on Twitter with #IStandWithDan tweets. I so totally agree with the author. Dan Andrews has become one of my VirusBusterHeroes.

      4. He haa just kept his head down and got on with the job. Ifind his press conferences reassuring. He has been humble and caring. On a lighter note, I like some of the comments about his clothing reassuring. Some of them are saying things like the worse the figures, the more formally he dresses. He recognises the need for a calm, steady presence, as does Brett Sutton.

      5. -giggles- yes, our Dan was never known for his sartorial elegance. I have a feeling Brett Sutton was advising against the Federal CMO right from the start. They make a really good team and both have the ability to talk about complex things without waffling or being super technical. And they come across as actually caring which is a huge plus.

      6. I think I found it on Twitter originally. I think getting behind our leaders, who are showing compassion is the most important thing we can do. Unity is so important at this time.

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