He Ain’t Heavy -The Hollies

Shocked to find the Hollies on my blog. I went to see them once with a friend. We used to argue about his sucky politics but I always hoped he would grow up and see sense one day. 😆 🤣 It was so strange that we had wound up sharing a house. He had just kept cropping up everywhere. – usually drunk. However he was a nice drunk. I hope that he sorts himself out one day. 🙏 I think if he were a really bad person he would not have been able to hide it when he was drunk.

Everywhere Fleetwood Mac

However people are judged by the company they keep.

It’s Your Life – Smokie

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Somebody I Used To Know- Gotye

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Don’t You Forget About Me.

A song I used to love when we had no longer shared a house. Funny to think my lifeline after the break up of my marriage was volunteering for The Breakfast Club.

Good Start Breakfast Club. It meant a lot to me. I had always felt strongly about children actually getting their primary needs met. I had been known to make children a sandwich at lunchtime as a teacher.

I had once taught at least one lovely young man, who would have really benefited from a breakfast club. I will never forget him. I believe I made him a sandwich one lunchtime and found him a change of clothes when he had turned up one morning covered in cereal. I had understood he had lost a parent to Aids and that both his parents had been drug addicts. Until Princess Diana had embraced Aids patients, we were all terrified ofthe disease.

The memory of him always stays with me. He was tiny. I had absolutely adored him. I really wanted to hug him but teacher’s aren’t supposed to do things like that.

I have even heard of practically a whole class being infected with Aids. I thought spreading N.S.U. was nasty enough by somebody who knew he had Aids. Fortunately I know of on girl who had not been infected with AIDS.


A child’s most important needs are in my view to feel SAFE,have FOOD, WATER, SHELTER & LOVE.

They got all those things thanks to the special lady running The Breakfast Club. She still regularly sends me E Cards.

Thank You For Being A Friend – Elaine Paige & Dionne Warwick

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