Quarantine With A Narcissist

I am exhausted right now. I feel any unhealed trauma I must have, has hit me like a bus. God reminded me today that it was ok to take a break and just listen to him. By the way there is an exceptional amount of rubbish around at the moment (learning that the hard way), so we do need to be discerning.

I am so glad I listened, because I am feeling so much more refreshed. Even five years out from my relationship, things still hit me sometimes.

I notice people are reaching out to other victims of narcissistic abuse, who are still stuck in their relationship. First let me send you all a virtual hug.

As somebody who was stuck for twenty years, I will never judge. I have had quite a bit of judgement over the years, what with one thing or another. My own trauma has been well and truly reactivated in recent weeks.

If you are stuck in quarantine with a narcissist, my heart goes out to you. There is help out there even in these challenging times.

I realise you do not even have the escape of popping into the neighbours for a cup of tea. Believe me those cups of tea, may just have saved my life.

It must be horrible. I am really really sorry.

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