Political Media Bias

My views are naturally subjective.

It is very important to obtain accurate information at this challenging time.(Please note the chart below does not appear to take individual journalists into account.) I find there are some great journalists, even within news sources, I generally mistrust. It is thus worth looking into the veracity of individual journalists, even within the same news source. Of course it is unlikely that anything or anybody will be 100 percent accurate every time. Investigating news sources retrospectively for yourself, is also a useful way to check their accuracy. For example, I found it really interesting to see what Dr Fauci was saying back in March. Personally I love Dr Fauci. – Check the information now with the benefit of hindsight.

Political Media Bias In A Single Chart

Interactive Media Bias Chart

If I have shared information which might need to be amended feel free to let me know respectfully. However expect me to check your sources for accuracy. Extreme views will not be tolerated and will be blocked and reported.

How To Spot Fake News

You may find this tool useful but as with everything else, please conduct your own research to check things out.

I make mistakes like everybody else, but I try not to spread misinformation. However from this point on, perhaps we all need to be particularly diligent.

When all else fails there is always The Sunday Sport.

Alien Turned My Son Into A Fishfinger. 😂🤣 If you choose to believe this story, I take no responsibility whatsoever.

Sources:Newsy https://www.newsy.com


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