A Controversial Musical Moment

The Doors – Light My Fire

They played live on the Ed Sullivan Show. Jim Morrison had caused issues, when he had defiantly sung,

“Girl we couldn’t get much higher.”

Singing the word higher, had caused untold problems.

Why The Doors Got Banned from The Ed Sullivan Show

The Doors take me back to my time in Israel sitting round a campfire. Yes I confess, I have also done the fan thing and visited Jim Morrison’s grave in Paris.

Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder Source:Johnnie Walker23https://youtube.com/c/johnniewalker23

The first time I became interested in The Doors, their music was on the duke box at college.

The Love Cats by The Cure

Gee I miss duke boxes. There was a time when you could legitimately inflict your musical taste on everybody else. I think I was into The Cure at that time too, so they had got a bit of a workout too. I actually saw The Cure live a few years later with a lovely friend, whom I have never been able to relocate as she has a very common surname.

Sources; ultimateclassicrock.com https://ultimateclassicrock.com/

Fire Cips


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