The Good Old Days

Reading through the comments on a news video about the barriers being eracted around The White House, I noticed somebody commenting with more than a little irony,

“I suppose a White House tour is not on the cards right now.”

I really miss the former President’s first speaker. He always kept a light- hearted approach. He had a He had an inate sense of style!! He wisely decided to join in the fun! I used to tune into his press conferences regularly. I remember him once hiding in the bushes to avoid answering awkward questions,

Miss You (Rolling Stones Cover by Jess Glynn! )

SEean Spicer Returns To The Lecturn !

Sean Spicer In The Bushes – BBC

There were times when he recognised it was better if he didn’t comment.

I think he may have drawn on memories from Bush era!

His first press conferences were classic.

His replacement was epic too! Although the level of personal attacks against her were at times unacceptable! She did her best we were kept informed here in Australia!

The interview really showcased the best in Australian journalism too!

Come back Sean all is forgiven,

The sad thing is,

I have actually toured The White House – only the area around The President’s desk had been cordoned off. This was somewhere around 1981/82.

I have just investigated, it would seem it is a lot more complicated to get a tour of The Whitehouse these days. Wow we had a real privilege getting to see The Oval Office.

Ah how times have changed. I am not sure my youngsters believe me, when I say I have been in The Oval Office.

The Oval Office – A Journey Through Time

Source: James Fox

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