The Importance of Discernment

This popped up on my You Tube today. Please feel free to question it and check the source etc, (as we should always do.)

If you take nothing else from my blog, please exercise discernment in all media etc you consume. (Including mine.)

Before you watch this, please understand I am biased.

I was having a conversation today with somebody, who I believed had done a complete 180 degrees in her attitudes. I told her that I thought she had been profoundly influenced by propoganda. Of course she had denied it, as all of us tend to do.

And don’t even get me started about the rubbish, which appears to circulate on Facebook.

It could be confirmation bias on my part but this does appear to confirm what I have seen happening to people in my life also.

How Fox News and Right Wing Media Brainwashed This Dad

Fox on The Run

The Importance of Discernment

Source: Now This News

Currently I find Wion pretty good. I like the Young Turks. Their claims about our lockdown were pretty accurate but I confess I am left-leaning. Often it is satire which really gets to the heart of things.

I love it when John Oliver or Jon Stewart covers things.


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