The Worm/Cat Has Turned

“It’s impossible to forget a dog, who gave you so much to remember.”by unknown

Dogs are amazing. Ours was my best and most loyal friend. However he had a somewhat “troubled” relationship with cats. As a puppy, he had made the mistake of bounding up to my aunt’s cat and received a hefty swipe on the nose for his trouble. He had never forgotten the encounter. Later we had encouraged him to chase cats from our garden. I had often thought of him whenever some errant cat had decided to enter our Australian garden, to bother my chickens.

However deep inside memories of his first tentative encounter with a cat, must have lingered. Usually he would bound barking ferociously down the garden and the cat would disappear terrified back over the fence.

Every now and again, a cat would seem to pause to think, turn around and give him a look which would seem to say…

“This cat ain’t going anywhere Sunshine.”

It often seemed that the dod was ready to retort with:

This Town Ain’t Big Enough for Both of Us

Eventually the cat had been reminded of their place and would quietly skulk away.

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