Expressing My Gratitude

In my country of birth tens of thousands of people have died. Second  or third per capita highest death toll in the world. Cannot believe the people out protesting today. Talk to some of the doctors who have been dealing with this. I have. One UK  doctor has explained, as he had been watching Covid patients fight for every breath, fight for their lives – We too should be grateful for every breath…
Upwards of a hundred medical staff have died in the UK – Two of them local to where I used to live.
I have never been slow to criticise if I feel things are wrong but in this instance I am just grateful for our government’s actions  in protecting us.

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  1. Not enough people realise that health care workers are dying /for/ them. And because of them. As gruesome as it sounds, I wish the TV channels would broadcast footage of what the inside of an ICU looks like now. What dying of Covid-19 looks like. Instead they cycle through stories of how tough it is to be in lockdown. :/

    1. Sorry but people just need to grow up. I had steam coming out of my ears yesterday. One person was whinging about not seeing his mother on Mother’s Day. There are plenty both here and around the world who will never see a parent/parents again. Nurses/Doctors are on the front line. They are the ones most likely to die. They have been doing a roll call on British TV just like they do for combat veterans in the US. This is all far from over even here. I am grateful to our government for putting our safety first but I know there is still a long way to go.

      1. Yes, I’ve heard a lot of whingeing and whining here too. Many of the things complained about are first world issues that have more to do with life style and convenience than anything else. Those things can and will improve, eventually. Death is permanent.

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