This may just be my most controversial post ever. I know I have my two youngsters living with me but I hope my position would be the same regardless. I have also lost a parent to illness and been unable, (at eight months pregnant), to be there. Believe me there is a small part of my soul, that will never get past that. I sent him one of my “inspiring” books as he had sat alone and isolated in a hospital room, as a consequence of contracting a hospital borne infection. Yeah I know that is pretty pathetic but I couldn’t do much else at the time. There had not even been the option of a phonecall, as far as I am aware.

So please understand when I what I am about to say in that context. This Mother’s Day the kindest thing to do(in fact you might ever do) for your mother, particularly if they are in an at-risk age group, is probably to stay the %@%# away from them this Mother’s Day.

My Perspective

My views on many things have been shaped by the fact, I nearly lost my leg to suspected cancer as a child. Up until my toxic relationship, I always thought about just how blessed I was to still have my leg. I had check ups for many years until well into adulthood, when having assessed slides of my original tumour, they had decided it was not cancerous. I will always remember my father crying at the time but I just hadn’t understood. My mother held it together the whole period. It must have been incredibly hard for her. She sent me a beautiful card calling me a Survivor in recent years. I have kept it, as the words will always resonate with me.

Personally I would always get unusual birth marks etc in children checked out given my own experiences.

Check This Out;

I had wonderful doctors. My main one had his own special nickname for me. I was in a wheelchair for several months. I grew up expecting cancer could erupt again at any time. I think that knowledge actually enhanced my life in many ways. I remember crying to my dad one day. Telling him how scared I was of losing my leg. He had got upset too but he had managed to reassure me.

I had so much wrong with me as a child, I never assumed I would even become an adult, let alone become an old person!

I tend to be fatalistic about my survival!


I read it is not what you do. It is what you don’t do that you end up regretting. So I was prepared to go to the wall to protect my children. There is no way I was going to sit back and let my daughter be taught that some jumped up little prick had the right to push her around! I showed her I am prepared to die rather than let myself be subjugated.

So you can shove your training straight where the sun don’t shine!

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