Feeling Reborn

Life is strange, when your daughter starts singing a little ditty, telling you it’s really catchy.

“Mum you would know the guy singing it. He is one of yours. You know Nilson or something.”

What just happened? We must be living in some strange alternate universe.

Did she just say Nilsson? All the years of trying to influence her musical taste to no avail. This is the girl who regularly studied to some medieval soundtrack (from I think Game of Thrones.)

Gotta Get Up – Harry Nilsson


Finally our musical tastes had found some obscure place to meet. My son and I have pretty similar taste. It was actually him who re-introduced me to The Red Hot Chili Peppers and he has also brought The Hu into my life. My daughter however, had yet to share anything musically acceptable to either of us.

Harry Nilsson. Did I hear right?

I had tearfully played Without You. She had then introduced my disbelieving ears to Gotta Get up.

Source: MamsMom97

She told me about the Netflix show Russian Doll. She had especially described the heroine’s repeated deadly misadventures with stairs. Last time my daughter had introduced me to something, she had been attempting to get me to buy her the first series of Game of Thrones for her birthday.

I had checked out one episode of Game of Thrones with her. My initial reaction had not been positive. (I believe I had mentioned that just about the only thing missing in that particular episode had been bestiality. I did watch the first two series later but I am afraid my interest died with Sean Bean.)

We are now on our third episode of Russian Doll (I note also that it seems to be set in New York. Perhaps New York too will also have some kind of rebirth following recent terrible events.) So far it is a little macabre, yet somehow deep. Wherever the series now goes, it has given us a few precious moments bonding over Harry Nilsson. Interesting that in 1987 Sting’s song was painting an unflattering picture of New York and New Yorkers. It seems to me, it is just big cities. You either love or loathe them. I am a city girl. I used to be a fully-fledged Uptown Girl.


Although I am no Christie Brinkley. 😂

From Russia With Love BTW I saw Matt Monroe live once, I had also seen Rod Hull & Emu at the same event.

Rod Hull & Emu – Quantas Ad

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