The Rise of The Introvert

Social distancing has not been an issue for me. In fact it is probably the most comfortable I have been in decades, if I am honest. I suspect being socially distant, is the natural state for many writers anyway.The annoying fact is we introverts rarely get the chance to live in our comfort zone. I watched an interesting video this week,which was making the point that many of we more reserved (By the way reserved does not necessarily equate to quiet.) souls, are continually expected to survive in extrovert world but now all the extroverts are being forced to live in introvert world for a change, many are finding it rather challenging.

We introverts understand that discomfort, except for us it is a more permanent state. Living out of our comfort zone is something many introverts have been forced to do every single day. We know hiding in our homes, is not considered a healthy way of life, so we mingle but in truth it sometimes takes an extraordinary effort to be sociable. I am fortunate I have a very sociable mother. She would scold me, if I didn’t make an effort to be a little more outgoing – I learned to follow the rules. However to those people struggling with lockdown I would say, many of us understand that discomfort all too well but for very different reasons.

“Everyone shines, given the right lighting.” ~Susan Cain


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