April 26th 2020

This is going to sound wrong but life in isolation with two university students has not been without its challenges.

My daughter tried to rope me into a production she is doing for her Film Studies unit at university. I spent most of the day trying to hide – rather difficult  in our flat. Eventually I was coaxed into taking photos of my daughter, who was meant to be comforting my son, for failing his exams. Perhaps her approach to getting him to work, is more subtle than mine…

( I am beginning to be a bit less concerned that she may have to do this for real, as he seems to be fitting in the occasional bout of studying between video games)


Unfortunately I was thwarted even as a production assistant, as I almost dropped the camera.

Undaunted my daughter decided she might introduce my mishap  as a part of the plot. She now wants to give me a starring role. I have been intermittently hiding in the bathroom ever since…

I think it’s been  at least two weeks so far.

Then there are the Zoom lectures. I was in full mum mode – well basically probably yelling (just a little), when I woke up my son was talking to his lecturer.

Tried twice to attend a Zoom church service on a Sunday. Saw all these calm people sitting listening quietly, got intimidated and bolted in case I accidentally broadcast something I did not intend.

Phew film production is on hold, apparently my daughter has decided there is insufficient space for her movie director debut. I can come out of the bathroom…


Wicked Game – Chris Isaak

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