Love To The UK

Oh the power of propaganda. It is like somebody flipped a switch and suddenly some people around the world went straight from fear, to impatiently demanding everything return rapidly to normal. We here in Australia, have so many reasons to be grateful. Every day I have been watching news bulletins from the UK in horror. I noticed for example two nurses from the hospital local to where I used to live in the UK, had died of COVID-19. The official figures suggest somewhere in the region of fifty medical staff have died. In reality it is apparently in excess of 100. As for the overall death toll, we are talking unheard of numbers. My mother has been sensibly self-isolating in her home for months.

Yet to date I have not heard any complaints about having to practice social distancing. Today I heard instead Piers Morgan and somewhat unusually Susannah Reid, go off about government inefficiency in getting protective equipment to their wonderful medical staff. Ok maybe You Tube is keeping me in my personal bubble and not showing all the British people complaining about their situation, but to date, all I have seen is gratitude and protectiveness of medical staff. Not a desire to complain about individual hardships but a genuine concern for others.

For what it’s worth, to everybody in the UK, I am so proud. You are showing so much courage in the face of adversity. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

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