The Dangerous Spread of Misinformation and Racism


“Every group feels strong, once it has found a scapegoat.”Mignon Mclaughlin

The only thing which has seemed to spread as rapidly as coronavirus, is racism and it is potentially even more lethal. This post was originally written way before coronavirus had taken hold around the world’

(Ok yes I am angry about the attack on two young people just going about their business, who have travelled thousands of miles to educate themselves. Please don’t judge all Australians by this. Most of us absolutely condemn  this type of behaviour. In fact one brave guy seems to have actively intervened to protect the girls, putting himself at risk. I like to think there are many more of us who are like him, than are like the thugs who perpertrated this.)

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Upon first hearing about the coronavirus, the first thing I said to my daughter was,


Just what the world needs – another excuse for racism.”

Education is my passion. I have devoted my life to it. I consider there are few, if any, problems in this world, upon which a good education system, does not have a significant impact. I admire the similar passion, numerous Chinese families, also have for education. Many families invest a large portion of their resources, into ensuring their children have the best education available. (I have travelled through China, but that story is for another day.)

Education is a pillar of the Australian economy. As I understand it, it is second only to our mining sector. (My son and I have just been debating whether it is ahead of tourism.) We need to get behind our Chinese students. It is great to see so many universities doing their bit to help. Many have extended holidays and made extensive resources available online.

Beauty Beyond Bones has just written a powerful post about the treatment of many Chinese people in connection with the coronavirus.

When I saw the graphic on her blog, my heart broke a little.

There are many lovely, hardworking students stranded overseas at the moment, unable to return because of the necessary and important quarantine measures which are in place.

It must be a very challenging time for them. I recognise the zeal these young people and their families have for their education. I strongly suspect they (the students) are doing everything in their power, to continue their studies online, as I write.

Australia has good reason to be proud of the quality of our university education system here. It attracts students from all over the world. We need to continue to nurture our student population from overseas.

If I may send you (our stranded students) all a virtual hug.

Racism It Stops With Me

You have a bright future ahead of you.

Thinking of you. Take care of yourselves. Hope to see you again soon.

Latest update on travel restrictions from the Australian Government.

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