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These days we can watch events from thousands of miles away. From half way round the world, I had been concerned about Boris Johnson. I could see his determination to keep going, even though he was clearly very unwell. When it had finally emerged that he had contracted the virus, part of me had been relieved that he would now be getting treatment. I had been concerned that he had left getting help for so long, he might not make it. This is the latest press conference I could find before it was discovered he had the virus.

Politics aside, I am glad to see Boris is recovering well. Not that I would presume to counsel a prime minister but Boris take care of yourself.

His words of gratitude towards the NHS (National Health Service) struck a chord with me today. As a child, let’s just say the NHS probably saved my life a few times too. I may not have been a world leader but I had always received world class care. The doctors and beautiful nurses had remembered me, each time I had returned for check ups. I had even referred to one particular nurse as “Auntie Nurse” and I can still recall her bespectacled face today. The consultant had also given me a cute nickname.

Medical staff here in Australia have saved our son countless times too.

It seems a good time to remember that in both the UK and in Australia, our systems ultimately are (To use Boris’ words)




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