New York City is an amazing place. I once passed through New York State. My father had driven us through, on our way to Niagara Falls.

I have also visited New York City very briefly. I was flying to San Francisco. There had been an issue with the flight. I had ended up being flown to JFK Airport and then having to make my own way to La Guardia.

I had been given some sort of voucher for the transport. Unfortunately I had misunderstood my instructions (sadly not that uncommon) and had tried to present my voucher to several New York cab drivers, before somebody had explained what I had needed to do

So that is my experience of the great New York City – confined in an airport taxi between JFK and La Guardia.

Nonetheless I send all of our brothers and sisters in New York my prayers.

Please pray for Carolyn and everybody else in New York City.

Please also pray for Carolyn from BeautyBeyondBones

Life in The Covid-19 Epicentre, New York City.


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