New York City is an amazing place. I once passed through New York State. My father had driven us through, on our way to Niagara Falls.

I have also visited New York City very briefly. I was flying to San Francisco. There had been an issue with the flight. I had ended up being flown to JFK Airport and then having to make my own way to La Guardia. It was my first totally solo flight and had been really scary.

I had been given some sort of voucher for the transport. Unfortunately I had misunderstood my instructions (sadly not that uncommon) and had tried to present my voucher to several New York cab drivers, before somebody had explained what I had needed to do

So that is my experience of the great New York City – confined in an airport taxi between JFK and La Guardia. I remember travelling through Queens. It is possible we were in The Delta Shuttle together but I do not remember anything except being extremely nervous in New York.

The implication seems to be that I met Mr Annoying (again?) during my brief sojourn in New York. I never went anywhere near Tiffany’s btw.

It really freaked me out that my daughter’s sunglasses were in a Tiffany’s box. Looks like a set up! Calculated to push my buttons!

To me it makes no sense that our meeting was apparently that significant and yet he had ended up sleeping with my flatmate when we finally went on a date! It seemed calculated to hurt me! I never cried aloud but I can still feel how much it had hurt! I can remember the pain and humiliation the pair of them had inflicted. I had been so looking forward to it, yet I had wound up being forced to watch them drinking and snogging in front of hundreds of people. Then to cap it all he buggers off without saying goodbye. I should probably never have gone near him again!

He needs to apologise!


LaGuardia/JFK FREE shuttle Delta international connection flight New York. The joke is DELTA stood for Doesn’t Ever Leave The Airport.

When Dad had visited New York a short time previously New York had been considered downright dangerous.  A colleague had actually been told to jump in a cab rather than walk the streets! New York City 1981

The other side of New York City was portrayed in programmes like Fame which I had adored,

Fame Quotes

“I remember  fame costs and right here is where you start paying!”

Gene Anthony Ray was the star dancer. He was an amazingly talented  but troubled young man. The show had taught me something about young men. In my view many, if not all young men  go through a stage of being troubled. Sadly Gene was troubled in real life too.

Leroy Dancing To Can You Feel it

John Travolta used to be really good at portraying troubled young men from New York City too!

Vinny Babarino

⚠️  Drug references and strong  language

He had also portrayed Tony in Saturday Night Fever.

We put young men in a box. In my view we often squash their heart and creativity. My mother had once made a point of telling me how much strength it took to become a male ballet dancer.

“I remember  fame costs and right here is where you start paying!”

Nonetheless I send all of our brothers and sisters in New York my prayers.

Please pray for Carolyn and everybody else in New York City.

Please also pray for Carolyn from BeautyBeyondBones

Life in The Covid-19 Epicentre, New York City.