Scene from Jungle Book

Education does not have to be torture.

When I was learning to teach, Piaget was king. I know he has fallen out of favour but honestly in my experience many of his principles still apply.

Piaget “I hear, I forget. I see, I remember. I do, I understand.”

With my children I have always put my emphasis on a disproportionate amount of doing. My own offspring had always known,  I had one very strict rule.

The “No Fun Allowed Rule”

When it comes to educating youngsters, I often don’t let on that I am trying to teach anything at all.

In my experience, if children suspect FUN is a subversive activity, they will be determined to enjoy themselves.

Writing A Story Together

One important principle which I had personally struggled to teach, was the idea that stories should have a beginning, a middle and an end.

I was wondering if we could perhaps all write a story together, using Plotagon to help us teach this concept.

Let me introduce you to Samir

He is going to help us write our story.

I am first going to interview him for the role of main character.

Created using and Plotagon.

If you find any of my ideas helpful please feel free to use them, if not just ignore them. I can only suggest ideas, which I feel may have worked for me. SAFETY SHOULD ALWAYS BE THE PRIMARY CONSIDERATION IN ANY ACTIVITY UNDERTAKEN.

Disclaimer: I will not be able to give country-specific advice. Nonetheless if you want activity suggestions to do with a specific topic or teaching a specific concept, I might be able to suggest a few things, which have worked for me over the years. As I have stated before all youngsters are different and ultimately you know your own children best. However if you are frantically 😨trying to keep your children’s education going but have little or no access to support, feel free to contact me.

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