Hi Frazzled Parents Everywhere!

If your children are currently home

I know nothing about medicine but I am an experienced and professionally qualified teacher/educator – I have taught both at home and at school. Please feel free to contact me (either by live chat or the contact form), if you want some free advice or teacher tips, as to how to help your child, keep up with their education. Equally I wouldn’t mind a few tips on keeping a couple of university students on track,🤣

Disclaimer: I will not be able to give country-specific advice. Nonetheless if you want activity suggestions to do with a specific topic or teaching a specific concept, I might be able to suggest a few things, which have worked for me over the years. As I have stated before all youngsters are different and ultimately you know your own children best. However if you are frantically 😨trying to keep your children’s education going but have little or no access to support, feel free to contact me.

I think all parents have had these moments. (Maybe it is just me.🤣) Believe me if my son attempts to build another zoo (complete with water feature) next to my tv, this will be me. Maybe I should stick to giving tips on what NOT to do.😄


Teaching Children at Home – My New Series

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