It must be a very worrying time for teachers, parents and students around the world. Teaching is not just a job. Teaching is a passion. For me education has always been the answer to most of the world’s ills. The idea of children unable to attend school, is almost unthinkable.

However parents do not despair. YOU CAN DO THIS. I know I had to be a bit sneaky about education sometimes. Much like we parents often sneak vegetables into children’s food. (I once went through a stage of making icy poles out of fresh carrot juice.) We can slip their education by them, in the same way. Personally I would not have been able to get my son to devote hours every day to school work, while he was at home, without getting a bit crafty about it. My mother once told me, buying for my children could be challenging, as I tended to want everything to be educational in some way. She was right.

I just hadn’t thought about it until she had said it. Yes sorry my bad.

I am a very sneaky educator. We made zoos. We made signs for our zoos. We printed off books about the animals. We coloured them in. We read our own books. We made movies. We took pictures of bugs. It just happened my son’s passion was all creatures great and small.

A Spanish Song About Bugs

All Creatures  Great & Small from Selena 27         

We used Zoo Tycoon. Absolutely love Zoo Tycoon. even if my son did find a way to let the animals rampage among the visitors, sending them screaming through the zoo.

I used to love to take the children to the duckpond. However muscovy ducks used to be a bit of a problem. They attack. Another bird which is a gòod guard is the goose. I was unimpressed when my ex father-in-law asked my young son to collect eggs from under a particularly vicious – looking goose, Interestingly I discovered there is a butcher’s shop in Dorset called “Paul Keating”) it sells goose meat among other things.

Ì do not believe they are related but here is the former Australiam PM,

Paul Keating talking about Tony Abbott before Abbott became PM.


Ģeese were even used as guard dogs by the Romans.

How The Goose Saved Rome

We even had a duck crossing. The ducks used to unite the community. Everybody loved them. At certain  times of year they would visit our garden. The children were always thrilled about this,They are good for the garden too. The previous owners of our house had pet ducks too I believe.

People Screaming Sound Effect

Carnival of the Animals – Saint Soen

The possibilities are endless these days, with easy access to the internet and computers. You know what, it is just possible children might be better off not taught at school. The children and I were plonked in front of a wall display about The Ugly Duckling for a our class photo. What a horrible thing to do to the children. That message will be forever in their face. It would have been a woman responsible for that, as there were very few men in the school. I never want to speak to any of you again, unless I find an “I’m an arsehole” display. Then I will take a happy snap, so I can throw darts at it later. No wonder there are issues with bullying in school.

Run For Home -Lindisfarne

One Night in Bankcock

Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under-Shania Twain

I already know asshole that you had family at the last town I lived in. Thank goodness we never went any further. I watched you demonstrate how easily you could manipulate the older women.


Hand Sewing Basic Stitches  & Techniques

Guess what? I don’t find manipulators Br funny any more. (Besides it had cost us a bet and five pounds!) He always wore suede Hush Puppy boots,

Running Duck

You must be kidding.

And Still I Rise – Maya Angelou

You are all fortunate I still have a sense of humour or you would be ducking for cover.

I timed my move  to my current address perfectly. The area was not long away from being connected to our National Broadband Network. Oh boy was that a lot of drama. It was great in the end but I had to jump through so many hoops to sort everything out.

Hook Me Up – The Veronicas The Veronicas are twin sisters, who have produced great music. One of them is actually gay. Great to see that even twin sisters can manage to be individuals.

Sorry Just Dealing With Some Unprofessional Behaviour but that’s OK they are all quackers anyway. (You know he bet five pounds he could get somebody. to sew a button on his shirt.) I can’t half pick ’em.

Who is laughing now suckers!!

I like buttons too!

I usually liked our pranks but it wasn’t just me you did it it too. It is possible it was my ex boyfriend’s idea but they all went along with it. Who’s Sorry  Now?

Multitasking Teacher’s Edition My ex was good at juggling. Ì bet he even did it when he visited BANKCOCK

Juggling did seem to be a a bit of a thing! Well you really

One Night in Bankcovk

We had experienced every issue possible drama with our old building.

We made it into national papers, as the parents had rightly complained about roof tiles from our old building flying off during a windy playtime.

Good job the children knew how to duck.

What to look out for on your tiled roof.

Mynex was rea

Never mind we handled all the issues in a very British way

And a sense of humour.

King George  and The Ducky – Vegíetales

We saw so much tragedy in a short space of time. That school taught me about heartache and tragedy. We laughed and cried together.

Now that’s much more fun!

When we had first begun using computers, my son had not even been able to use a mouse. It had taken me a week of my getting him to click on Magic e, for him to get the idea. Does not seem possible now that he has ever experienced difficulties using a computer. Pulling him away from computers these days, is like trying to pry a limpet off a rock.

You might be wondering why I am not talking about my daughter here. Truth is, I never had to motivate her or get sneaky about her education. When she was heading off to school, she quizzed her brother about what she needed to know and had sat there studying and practicing for weeks on end. I do not think he was entirely truthful with her. She was always considered cute but even at barely five years old, that would irritate her.

Although even I have to admit that the day she had fallen asleep at her desk, following a weekend away, she did look pretty cute.

No matter what your child is interested in, you can use it. I was a bit naughty but by the time my son was in Grade 4, we were reading Bionicle books together, rather than the reading scheme. I should probably be put in teacher detention, but for us, it had worked. ( Perhaps use these types of books to supplement the reading scheme, rather than being wayward like me.)

I had bought every classic story I could think of from the second-hand shops. When my son was off for a week due to asthma(a regular occurrence. It was mentioned to me that ripping up their carpet had drastically improved their son’s asthma. It had largely worked for us too, For me I never want carpet ever again. Just as had been described to me, There was a lot of dust and dirt underneath. From memory ripping up the carpet had virtually ended his asthma overnight.

Allergens & Carpet I have been pressurised about putting carpet. I have decided to grow wings instead.

Butterflies flying to Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, ( The place where we saw the most spectacular butterflies in the wild was The Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia.

He had picked Call of the Wild off our shelves and had read it through in little over a day. It was the first novel he ever read. We had then rented the film and watched that.

Films are a great way in. I once watched The Secret Garden with a class and was thrilled to discover that some of the children had actually visited the local library and taken out the book. For me, it had felt like somebody had just given me gold bullion. Source: You Tube Movies

Please note my suggestions are only intended to support any work with which you may be provided online by your educator.

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